Pair coaching

Take the relationship you're already in and make it the relationship you want!

Would you like to learn the simple secrets of a happy marriage?
Learn how to avoid the main divorce/separation triggers?
Use conflict to develop and improve your relationship?
Experience more passion, excitement and fun together?

Good relationships are healthy. People who live in relationships where they experience support and love are happier, more satisfied with life and have better mental and physical health than people who do not live in such relationships.Most of us want stable and long-term relationships, but all statistics show us that this is difficult to achieve. Almost every second marriage ends in divorce, and even more breakups take place between cohabiting couples. Recent research results from Penn State University prove and conclude that our frustrations, anxiety and irritations at home also affect us greatly in our work situation.

We all start out with a strong belief in the power of love, and with good intentions when we enter a new relationship. We want the best for the relationship and our partner. However, most couples, even those in happy, healthy relationships, will at some point find themselves falling into unhealthy patterns. This can be expressed by saying things they didn't mean, feeling upset, frustrated or confused.

The reason for this can be change, people change, situations and emotions change. This is natural, and we need the ability to relate to these changes that occur along the way. This is something that can be learned in the form of developing skills/abilities and behaviors. Such knowledge helps us to deal with disagreement and conflict, integrates and helps us to adapt to change, and helps us to give love, closeness and show gratitude. Couples can unlearn behaviors that destroy love and lead to divorce, and replace these behaviors with behaviors that keep love warm. This doesn't have to be traumatic or uncomfortable. It can be fun! Couples coaching is an investment, an investment that far exceeds what it costs in time, money and effort, and you'll feel the effects immediately, and wonder why you waited so long to use couples coaching.

What is pair coaching?

If you are in a relationship, you can either choose individual coaching, where you are the one who conducts the conversations with the coach, or the three of us can talk together. We can discuss specific challenges or a particular issue that is important to you. We can use different tools to learn important communication skills and gain access to new tools and methods that can help both parties achieve what they want and need in the relationship.

You can learn how to

  • Using conflict in a positive way
  • Break the circle where one party criticizes and the other closes down
  • Learning to appreciate the differences between you
  • Finding a safe and loving way when you want to ask the other party for a different action
  • Get a reminder of what brought you together in the first place
  • Reignite the passion
  • Helping your partner hear and understand you
  • Learn more about your own happiness and life vision
  • Experience joy and excitement in your own life
  • And much, much more...

For couples in a committed relationship who want to have a more fulfilling relationship, Pacoaching can give you the opportunity to understand each other better, improve communication between you and help you resolve conflicts more easily.

For couples living in relationships that are already highly satisfying, Couples Coaching can help you take the step from good to great, help deepen intimacy and deepen your connection more than you thought possible.