About me


I started this company in 2014 to offer development of your brand online, websites and web hotels.

Who am I?

Øyvind Teistevoll Krage .
I live in Jessheim.
I have over 20 years of experience from the IT industry in the Norwegian petroleum industry.

In 2014, I established Energi og Balanse AS, to assist companies towards their goals of a customized online presence.

My objective

I want to bring back the personal contact in the performance of services. In a world that appears very impersonal, I want to focus on the best in man and the way we interact.
I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to reach out to people with what they want to convey, without there being a great threshold for this – neither economically nor practically.

What I offer

I create a safe and relaxed space for conversations and problem solving together.
Through personal follow-up and good communication, we find solutions that are ideal for you and your needs.
Maybe you carry an idea - but have postponed realizing it?
Contact me and we will find the best way forward to make your dream come true!


Svært mange har fått merke effekten av å være tilstede på nett og kunne tilby nettbaserte tjenester, spesielt de siste årene.
Flere og flere benytter seg av nettbaserte tjenester som nettbutikk, live-sendinger, lukkede sosiale nettverk med mer for å tilrettelegge for en trygg og god opplevelse for sine kunder.
Energi og Balanse AS ønsker at flere skal kunne nyttiggjøre seg av de muligheter som nettbasert tilstedeværelse kan tilby, og at det er enkelt og forståelig å ta i bruk og vedlikeholde.
Jeg ønsker å være en fleksibel og ansvarsfull partner i arbeidet med å etablere en best mulig nettbasert tilstedeværelse for din bedrift – og alt dette til en fornuftig pris.

6-step process


Through productive and informal conversations, I help you map your needs. Maybe you have an idea that doesn't have to be realized?


I assist in limiting the scope of any project so that I can deliver at the right time and agreed price.


Together we create a product based on a common understanding of your desires, so that together we have a good starting point.


Jeg utvikler løsningen i tett samarbeide og god dialog med deg, frem til du er fornøyd med resultatet, slik at det ikke har vesentlige mangler eller unødvendigt innhold.


We finish the product together and optimize where needed. When we feel that it has been completed, I have a thorough review of the result with you.


I will hand over the product and carry out training in its use and maintenance so that functionality and performance will last for a long time to come.

Why choose me?

I have many satisfied customers who recommend me. I therefore do not need to spend money on marketing and can maintain good prices to you as our customer

I work to make you a happy customer. If problems arise, I am always quickly available to assist in solving the tangles.

If you're not satisfied, I'm not happy either. I want your challenges to be solved and that you have an easier and better everyday life.

Where I myself do not have first-class expertise, I have good partners who are ready to step in at short notice.

Jeg har fokus på at du skal få valuta for pengene du investerer. Jeg søker alltid rimelige og robuste løsninger for deg, slik at du skal slippe unødige utgifter.

I have a long track record in services I offer – and a solid experience platform. This allows you to feel confident that you are well looked after and represented.

Projects completed
Satisfied clients
Hours of experience